Peppa Pig centre of huge online debate as parents dub her 'spoilt' and 'bratty'

omg 07/05/2018

Kids TV show Peppa Pig has found itself in the middle of a heated online debate. Parents have taken to Reddit to vent their frustration over the popular show.

The debate kicked off with one simple question that escalated very quickly - "Any other parents sick to death of Peppa Pig?" and people were quick to respond!

"I've been tortured by it for 5 years now." one parent confessed.

"Just as my eldest stopped watching it favouring Paw Patrol (which I quite enjoy watching), my youngest got obsessed with it."

But others were a bit more blunt labelling her as 'spoilt' and 'bratty'.

Some parents even suggested that her behaviour is a bad influence on kids.

"I’m not a parent but an aunt and I swear that everyone over 6 years old that I know hates Peppa Pig passionately! My nephew goes around calling people names cause Peppa said it."

But not everyone was anti Peppa Pig, one parent added that "Peppa Pig is the only time my little'un is quiet, so I thank Peppa for that."

Someone else even said that watching Peppa Pig in a different language was a useful tool for learning to speak foreign languages!

Which side of the argument are you on?