Scientists close to perfecting 'hangover pill' to solve your booze related problems

omg 18/05/2018

We've all woken up one morning after a night out and wished for a magic pill to wash the hangover away... Well your dream might be close to becoming a reality!

Professor Yunfeng Lu from the California University has been working hard on a hangover cure and is close to cracking it...

"I decided to design an antidote that could help people enjoy wine or cocktails or beer without a hangover, and at the same time create a lifesaving therapy to treat intoxication and overdose victims in the ER." he said.

"The animals given the drug woke from their alcohol-induced slumber faster than their untreated counterparts - something all college students would appreciate."

He added that so far the results have been promising and the chemicals responsible for hangover symptons such as headaches have lowered significantly.

He did however point out that while this pill may reduce the after effects of drinking, it won't help with the damage excessive drinking can cause to your body.

Fingers crossed this pill is available in the near future!

Source: Pretty52