Study reveals mums just want to be left alone for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you haven't got something for your mum (or hinted to the kids what you'd like), according to a new study the best gift might be some time alone!

The study of around 1300 mums found that 67% of mums wanted at least 1 hour of alone time this Mother's Day.

Other things that proved popular with mums included breakfast in bed, a sleep in and a break from chores.

The CEO of Mumsnet (the website behind the study) said that "there’s quite a lot of pressure on mothers to be selfless, and it can be difficult for them to ask for what they want, especially if it’s for their early-rising children to go away and take their burnt toast with them."

"Of course, it’s possible that some mothers cook for relaxation on Mother’s Day – it’s even possible that some enjoy taking the bins out – but it wouldn’t hurt for the nation’s spouses (and children) to assume all domestic responsibilities, for this day at least."

Source: Metro