Tea company seeking 'Professional Tea Drinker' and will pay you to do it

omg 14/05/2018

As winter approaches and the temperatures keep dropping, this new job might sound more and more appealing...

A tea company in Canberra called Serendibitea is looking to employ someone as a 'Professional Tea Drinker'.

"Have you ever felt like your day jobs just keeping you down, the only thing you enjoy of the 9-5 is that hot cup of tea?" the company wrote on their website.

"Serendibitea is now taking applications for professional tea drinkers! If you think you have what it takes to take on the fierce world of professional tea drinking now's your chance to shine!"

"We are looking for a tea enthusiast to join our team! They will indulge, drink, enjoy, live and review our teas! The best part, get PAID to do so!"

"If you think you are the one for this job, Send through your application with a short bio of why you think you're the right one for the job to serendibitea@gmail.com."

This sounds like one job offer that might be hard to turn down...