These parents will pay you over $100,000 to nanny their 'challenging' children

omg 17/05/2018

If you need a bit of a cash injection and willing to up and move to the UK, then this job might be for you!

A couple in the UK are advertising for a professional nanny and will pay someone $135,000 NZD to do it... But there's a catch.

The parents have admitted that the high salary is due to the 'challenging behaviour' of their children...

In the application on the parents wrote "Our last nanny left us because of our children’s challenging behaviour, and because they just didn’t get on with her. So, to make sure that we find someone perfect we decided we’d let the kids tell us exactly what they wanted, and this is what they came up with..."

  1. We want to play football and other stuff with them.
  2. I want them to play Fortnite and FIFA with me.
  3. I want them to be fun and not have any rules and we want to stay up to whatever time we want.
  4. We want to make cakes every day and have pizza for dinner all the time.
  5. We don’t want them to be angry with us ever.
  6. They have to do all of our homework and I don’t want to do any chores.

"If they’re nice to us we promise not to be naughty or prank them and we’ll always be nice to them. But if they shout at us or are mean, then we’ll be naughty and get upset."

And it seems the parents are in full support of the kids list! They went on to add that they know their parenting is a bit unusual, but they'd rather give the kids whatever they wanted if it was going to keep them happy and content.

Would you take on the big pay packet if it meant fulfilling these demands every day?