Tourist's hilarious 'expectation vs reality' pool comparison pic goes viral

omg 21/05/2018

A British woman booked a hotel in Vietnam after seeing photos of an idyllic pool overlooking the city. 

When she arrived however, she noticed the pool was a little different to the advertised image.

Jessica Kershaw tweeted a side-by-side comparison of the pool with the caption "Our hotel pool in Vietnam, vs reality."

She said, "We've been done there" having been duped by the image advertised.

The tweet has gained traction among Twitter users, with people pointing out the ladder to the pool was too small to fit the word "welcome."

In the spirit of the theme, other Twitter users posted photos of other disappointing pools compared with their advertisements. reached out to Ms Kershaw to rectify the issue, however, the woman was good natured and said she didn't want to file a complaint. 

Jenny Kershaw found the hotel had since changed the image with a caption "Free Jacuzzi."