Workplace optical illusion has people questioning who's body belongs to who

omg 29/05/2018

Just as the Laurel vs Yanny debate dies down, a new optical illusion is taking the internet by storm, and this one is just as confusing!

An image of two workmates hugging was uploaded to Twitter and people instantly noticed something odd with it... Can you see what it is?

If you had trouble getting your head around what's going on in the photo, you're not the only one!

People are arguing if the photo is of a man in heels hugging from behind or the other way around - which do you see?

"I don’t get it. He is wearing heels!" one person wrote

"No he’s the one sitting on the chair with the red the girl is hugging him from the back wearing blue." someone else replied.

Which way did you see the illusion to begin with?