Crayola crayons are bringing out their own makeup line

omg 07/06/2018

Turns out crayons are no longer just for kids, Crayola have recently announced their very own crayon makeup range!

In a partnership with clothing website ASOS, the company will release '95 vegan, cruelty-free shades,' of makeup crayons.

People seem to be pretty excited about it, with one person writing "life has changed for the better because of this!"

But others are a bit more cautious, with one person pointing out the look may not be the best for your skin. "I don't know how I feel about it... Wax is safe for your skin but it can clog your pores so easily, so I wanna see the ingredients before I try."

Others quizzed as to what the crayons would actually be used for, with the company replying by saying "yes, these are crayons for your face (all over your face)."

Check out some of the Crayola looks below...