Dad writes heartwarming response to daughter's upsetting school report

we love 02/07/2018

An Australian father has been praised for his heartwarming response after his daughter brought home a report card filled with D grades.

Shane Jackson's daughter Sophie, who has autism, cried about the report card and said "I've let everyone down."

Mr Jackson disagreed, and decided to write her a report card of his own called 'Dad's Report Card'.

He gave her straight A grades in a number of areas including drawing, making robots, sense of humour, love of dogs and imagination. She was given an A+ grade for being "world's best daughter".

He shared the story on his Twitter page where it quickly went viral, and he and Sophie say they have been "overwhelmed" by the response from the public.

Sophie has since tweeted a report card she wrote for her dad, giving him an A grade for being annoying, a B grade for being funny, a C grade for wrestling her and an A+ grade for being the "best dad ever".