Dad writes honest post about the 'one thing that kids actually want'

parenting 20/06/2018

A Facebook blogger known as DadMum has gone viral with his honest view on the one thing kids want in a childhood.

In the post, the Dad opens up about his own family and the importance of kids having a family - no matter what form it takes.

"Kids are so innocent when it comes to things like family bulls**t" His post began.

"They don’t have the capacity to understand the complexities of family history and wouldn’t care to know what kind of person anyone might have been 20 years ago. 

And they certainly don’t care who’s talking to who and why this person said that. Because they’re just kids.

My kids only really care about one thing...

They just want the people in their life to come and see them. To play with them and to teach them about the world. To get excited when they’re around to play and to have a relationship with them where they see them regularly. Children grow up so fast that things can change so much in just a fortnight that you can miss an entire chapter by not seeing them.

The thing about family is that there’s always room for growth when there’s kids involved. And kids really don’t mind what’s gone on before, because they really only care about the future. And that in itself is an opportunity to move forward again.

Whether it be blood, marriage, situational or plain old just ****ed up... the people my boys will call family are the people who choose to be in their lives right now.

Family is an effort; not a title

And these two little boys have enough love for everyone that wants to be a part of it."