Dogs make you happy the same way kids do science says

we love 15/06/2018

Scientists have confirmed that dogs make us happy in the same way kids do!

During their research, scientists found something they have called the 'cuddle hormone' and noticed it was released when people bonded with both pets and children.

One of the researchers recently spoke to Business Insider about the health benefits associated with his hormone...

"Your heart rate comes down, your blood pressure comes down, your heart rate variability - which is the ability of the heart to duck and dive and respond to stress - improves," she said.

"You release oxytocin, the opioids, adrenaline, and serotonin. So, all of these great reward chemicals and anti-stress chemicals can be released in both you and the pet."

She went on to add that by nature, dogs and cats are incredibly generous creatures... 

"So, that is why, you know, they'll be wagging their tail, you know, thrilled to see you when you come home or if it's a cat it's purring. And you may be very distracted but they aren't. You are the greatest thing they ever saw if you've developed this relationship. If you've earned it."

So if anyone ever questions if you love your kids or pets more, now you can confidently answer both!