Five perfect Netflix Rom-Coms that will warm you this winter

we love 29/06/2018

It may be cold and chilly outside, there's no reason you can't warm your heart to these funny and loving films on Netflix.

Every perfect Rom-Com film follows the five essential factors. It always starts with that first 'love at first sight' look, but in slow motion - like how Noah looks at Allie in 'The Notebook'.

Follow it up with a "meet-cute" like Harper and Charlie in 'Set It Up', a moment where they almost kiss as in 'Like Father', then that big chase. 

And of course, what rom-com would it be if it didn't have that moment where, after all the conflict and circumstances, love wins?

Check out the five rom-coms you can watch on Netflix this winter:

Streaming now - 

  • The Notebook
  • Ibiza
  • Set It Up

Streaming August 3 - 

  • Like Father

Streaming August 17 -

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before