Five perfect Netflix Rom-Coms that will warm you this winter

It may be cold and chilly outside, there's no reason you can't warm your heart to these funny and loving films on Netflix.

Every perfect Rom-Com film follows the five essential factors. It always starts with that first 'love at first sight' look, but in slow motion - like how Noah looks at Allie in 'The Notebook'.

Follow it up with a "meet-cute" like Harper and Charlie in 'Set It Up', a moment where they almost kiss as in 'Like Father', then that big chase. 

And of course, what rom-com would it be if it didn't have that moment where, after all the conflict and circumstances, love wins?

Check out the five rom-coms you can watch on Netflix this winter:

Streaming now - 

  • The Notebook
  • Ibiza
  • Set It Up

Streaming August 3 - 

  • Like Father

Streaming August 17 -

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before