Friends stunned as woman brings her own lunchbox to dinner party

omg 12/06/2018

A woman has asked for advice on how to deal with the behaviour of one of her friends at a recent dinner party.

"It was a girls night and I cooked dinner with starters and dessert, nothing fancy, we had wine and it was a lot of fun." her post began.

"Did a Turkish theme, had falafel as a starter, moussaka as a main and plenty of wine. Anyway I had already messaged on the group what I was planning as I know Turkish food isn't for everyone.

"No problem, everyone looking forward to it. Friends arrived, wine poured, sat down for starters."

All going to plan so far... But then one of the guests pulled out a lunchbox and said "oh I'm glad I brought this just in case!"

"Which she proceeds to eat while the rest of us have what I've served... I apologised and asked if she didn't like Turkish food or was allergic to something, and should I get her something else, but she said no she just didn't fancy Turkish tonight now."

"I know it's stupid but I feel really embarrassed like I've made a bit of a faux pas somehow!"

She asked others for their thoughts and many thought the woman's actions were a bit off

"Very rude. Unless she has diet restrictions that make her difficult to cook for then it was unacceptable." replied one person.

"I think it sounds hilarious! No you've not done anything out of order. She's just very odd and somewhat lacking social skills," one wrote.

"Don't take it personally," added someone else. "It sounds like she has certain issues around food but still wanted to join you."

Do you think the woman's actions were a bit off?

Source: Mumsnet