Heroic police dog performs CPR on his trainer

we love 27/06/2018

A Spanish police dog is well-prepared in the event of a health emergency, a heart-warming video proves.

Madrid Police posted footage to Twitter showing one of their officers pretending to collapse while he was training a police dog named Poncho.

As soon as he hit the floor, Poncho raced over to the man to help. Wearing his official police harness with a flashing blue light, the pooch quickly got to work using the techniques he'd been taught which could save a human's life.

After first nudging the man's side to try to wake him, Poncho can be seen jumping up and down repeatedly, using his front paws to perform chest compressions on the officer. He then put his ear to the man's chest to listen for a heartbeat before resuming his compressions.

The people watching the display were clearly impressed, as they can be heard applauding Poncho's efforts enthusiastically.

Many on social media were similarly enchanted with the dog's lifesaving abilities.