Mum criticised for her 'controversial' parenting tactic

omg 12/06/2018

A mum has copped some flack for her parenting trick that many have deemed to be controversy.

The mum wrote how she picked her kids up from school and then took them to the supermarket for the weekly shop.

"They were running around and in high spirits. I'd told them to calm down a couple of times but they didn't listen." she began.

"Very quietly I went up to them, took them to a quieter area of the shop in the fruit and veg aisle and told them to sit down. They looked at each other but didn't argue. They sat cross-legged facing the shelves with their heads down."

"After they had calmed down, I explained to them why I made them sit down, I always explain why they are being punished. They both understood and said sorry and then gave me a hug - so they learned their lesson and we carried on shopping."

People were quick to chime in with their views, with some even accusing the woman of treating her kids like prisoners.

"Humiliating your children like this is just wrong. Treating your kids like prisoners in Guantanamo Bay is not good parents, it's immoral." wrote one woman.

But others stuck up for the mum. "Parents... Listen to this woman. Kids need discipline and they clearly love their mum more for it. So good to see kids having respect for their parents."

Do you think her parenting tactic was too extreme?

Source: Pretty52