Mum refuses to pay for $170,000 statue that 5 year old broke

omg 21/06/2018

A mum has caused controversy after refusing to pay for a $170,000 that her child broke.

Her 5 year old accidentally knocked over the statue which was on display in a gallery, but she simply insists that there was no wrong doing as he was 'just being a kid'.

People were quick to chime in with their thoughts...

"Mum should be made paid for it. Same rules in a supermarket and any shop. You break it, you pay for it." one person wrote on Facebook.

"She should have supervised her child and not let him run rampant full stop!" added another.

But others thought the responsibility fell on the gallery to make sure the statue was held in place better.

"I'd say the gallery is at fault for not providing a more secure location for the statue to be displayed." one woman began.

"They're probably not covered by insurance to pay the owner of the statue so are now going after the parents of the child. It could have injured someone seriously, not just the kid."

Who do you think is responsible for the damage done to the statue?