Mum starts heated debate over if 3 year olds should wear bikinis

parenting 15/06/2018

A mother has sparked a heated debate on an online parenting forum by insisting she'd never put a bikini on her three-year-old daughter.

The mother known as 'GoodAfternoonSeattle' posted to online parenting forum Mumsnet, "Why does a three year old need something to cover their chest on the beach or at the pool?"

"I wouldn't bat an eyelid if I saw a preschool aged child running around naked or in pants."

"Personally I'd prefer my own daughter who is three to be covered on a beach so that she doesn't get sunburnt, I'd probably put her in one of those swimsuits that's shorts and a t shirt," she added.

The mother says bikinis on toddlers is the same as "turning our children into mini adults" and there has been mixed reactions.

"Bikinis are such a weird thing to dress a young child in, bottoms only," one user commented.

One user added "I think ideally children should wear sun protection swimwear but if they are not being covered up then little girls should wear just pants like boys."

Others disagreed, one user saying "When you buy a 2 piece for toileting reasons, it's easier to put the whole thing on her than explain why they should only use half of it. Let them wear the top half if they want to, who cares?"

Another mother said, "Personally I don't like to see kids covered head to toe at the slightest hint of UV rays. My girls have always worn bikinis, little swimsuits or bikini bottoms."

One mother posted, "Save the judginess for more important stuff, I say".