Mum threatens to evict daughter from her 'filthy' bedroom

parenting 28/06/2018

A mum has caused controversy online after revealing her plans to 'evict' her daughter from her bedroom.

"I'm so sick of (her) living in filth. She is disgusting," the mum wrote on Mumsnet.

"She couldn't give a toss what she leaves on the floor including underwear where her San pro (sanitary product) has leaked."

"I've helped her many times to clean it only for the floor to be covered in crap by the next day."

"Even worse if I take clean clothes in for her to put away she just chucks it on top of the mess."

"It's only a small box room so gets bad fast and according to her I'm stressing her out telling her to clean it and it's her human right to have a room for herself."

But the woman is now so fired up, she now wants to kick her out of her own bedroom and force her to share with her brother.

Users gave their opinion on the controversial post...

"You can't expect a teenage girl to share with a younger boy. And it's not fair on him to have to put up with her mess.

"I would help her clear her room and then it's up to her to keep it tidy after that." one person began. "I would do weekly checks to help her keep on top of it. But really you should be helping her keep it clean."

Someone else questioned "aren't most teens messy? Surely making her share with her brother is punishing him, when he's actually done absolutely nothing wrong?"

 "Give her actual tasks to be done before she goes to school. It might be easier to lose privileges than the room. Her room is untidy? No friends over. 2 days in a row? Loses her phone." suggested someone else.

Despite their being a huge wave of feedback, there wasn't much support for the mother's idea... Do you think the mother's idea is too extreme?

Source: The Sun