New Aussie travel rules puts ban on more items in carry on luggage

omg 28/06/2018

Double check what you pack into your luggage if you're heading across the ditch.

Australia has imposed new rules on passengers departing from Australian international airports after foiling a terrorist attack.

From the end of June, limits will be set on the amount of inorganic powder that can be carried on board in cabin baggage. It comes in response to an attempt to blow up an Etihad Airways flight departing Australia last year.

The Australian government defines inorganic powder as "not consisting of, or derived from, living matter" - which includes items like talcum powder, powdered deodorant, salt and sand.

It also includes baby formula, which those with young children will have to bear in mind.

These items will only be permitted through if carried in a total container size no larger than 350 millilitres or 350 grams, or carried in check-in luggage.

"Passengers cannot tip (inorganic) powders out to fall under the 350ml threshold, as the restriction is calculated on total container volume," the Australian government advises.

The new restrictions also apply to those heading to the US, as the US Transportation Security Administration is imposing similar powder restrictions.

However the rules in the US are harsher, making no distinction between inorganic powder and organic powder. That means protein powder and cosmetics are also prohibited above the 350ml volume.