Nutritionist mum gets backlash for banning her kids from birthday cake

parenting 26/06/2018

Tonia Buxton is a nutritionist and mother from the UK who has sparked backlash after revealing her plans to ban her kids from eating birthday cake.

The mum revealed her plans during an episode of Good Morning Britain recently... 

"Cakes and sugar are everywhere and so it’s my job as a parent to govern my child, they can’t self govern themselves, so that’s why I have to stop them having sugar." she began.

"... Once [they] have one they go crazy, they’re running around, they want more, and then another hit and another hit. You’re better off not having any, and then having something that’s better for you."

The mum went on to share that she had been making a 'courgette' based cake for her kid's birthdays.

Viewers went on to share their thoughts, with few siding with the mother...

"OMG really??? This is getting stupid! How about sweets go back to being a treat like it was when I grew up not a everyday diet! That’s the excitement of going to party as a kid the cakes and sweets, didn’t have them everyday at home." one person wrote.

Others supported the comment above, with people suggesting to focus more on exercise rather than putting kids on a diet to give kids room to be kids. Some even expressed their concerns that the kids might feel left out if they can't fully join in at kids parties and events.

Do you think banning sugar all together is a step too far for kids? Or should it be left up to the parents?

Source: GoodToKnow