Parents fuming after their baby is uninvited from wedding 3 weeks before

omg 25/06/2018

A couple have been left fuming after finding out 3 weeks before their friend's international wedding, that their 5 month old child is no long invited.

Writing on NetMums, the said they the bride "sent us an email with the date no further info... So my family said we would attend and we bought the flights."

"I chased for the actual invitation about 100 times and eventually it arrived 3 weeks before we flew. The invite said no children. I flagged that they really should have mentioned this before I bought the flight."

"The woman added that some people suggested she get a baby sitter, but they were unable to find one at short notice."

"Am I being unreasonable to think its a joke they cant make an exception for a breastfeed baby...?"

"Don't have kids at your wedding, no problem. Don't make me spend $4k on flights and accommodation to be told that my baby cant come."

People were quick to jump in with their views and most people were on the parent's side....

"Oh I'd be furious! He should have definitely mentioned no children when he knew you had a baby. I'd make the most of a fab holiday though." wrote one person.

"I would just take the little one and if anything is said about it I would just tell the truth. That you were not aware it was a no children invite until it was too late as you only received the invitation a couple of weeks ago." added another.

Do you think the parent's should be allowed to take their child to the wedding, or should it be one rule for all?