Son banned from contacting parents after constantly asking them for cash

omg 21/06/2018

Kids always asking for cash? Let's hope it hasn't gotten as bad as this!

Parents of a 24-year-old son have become so fed up with his constant pestering for cash, they've brought in some extreme measures to stop him.

Matthew Kerley has been forbidden from approaching his parents for the next five years through a restraining order after he was convicted of harassing multiple family members.

According to The Mirror, Matthew's 60-year-old father, Paul, his son's persistence caused he and his 51-year-old wife Coreen an extreme amount of anxiety and stress.

But despite the restraining order, he's already breached it by making 30 phone calls to his parents in a single day, including calls in the middle of the night.

Prosecutors told the local court that Matthew would always ask for money, but would lie about the reason.

Prosecutor Liam Hunt said: "He told his parents he had a job interview and needed to shave, but his shaver had broken halfway through.

"He asked his parents for money, which they gave him, but he then turned up with a full beard."

"A number of messages have also been received criticising them, before asking yet again for money."

A representative for Matthew said her defendant acknowledged his actions had to stop, and his time in prison has helped him.

"He acknowledges he caused his parents a lot of stress and anxiety, and that it had to stop. Prison seems to have done him the world of good."

"He is looking a lot healthier now than when I saw him three weeks ago.

"While he was not supposed to contact his parents, it was their bank account that his benefits were being sent to. Now, I believed that is fixed.

"He has a friend to go and stay with now, so things are looking up."

Let's hope he's not asking his friends for money this time...