Woman slams her neighbours for BBQs that 'stink out her washing'

omg 08/06/2018

A woman has hit out at her neighbours for their 'anti-social' behaviour. The woman is enraged by the couple's weekly BBQs which she claims is making her washing smell like meat every weekend.

She took to Mumsnet to vent her frustrations.

"One of my sets of neighbours are an obnoxious couple in the early throes of retirement." the woman began.

"We work full time. The only time we can feasibly peg out washing is the weekends... Every weekend from 1pm 2pm-ish their barbeque is fired up and doesn't go off until dinner."

"I freely admit I don't like them as it is, but this just tips the balance. I'll just ignore them and keep seething while they stink my washing out."

It's fair to say that the majority of people were not on the woman's side...

"You’re being unreasonable. Hang the washing on an indoor rack if you’re really worried about it." one person wrote.

"How spiteful you sound, of course you're being unreasonable. Get a grip." added another.

"You can hang your washing out any time. What a weird, self-centred gripe. That is the whole point of an outdoor space, to socialise and enjoy, not merely a place to hang laundry." concluded someone else.

Do you think this woman is being unreasonable or not?