Woman horrified to find friend reviewed her house online after staying over

omg 13/06/2018

Imagine having a long time friend over to stay for the weekend and to then find out that they've reviewed your house online!

The friend's review described the food as "underwhelming", the conversation as "dry" and the wi-fi speed as "poor".

Despite being put up for free, the woman was not done moaning - she went on to add that "the sleigh bed in the guest room was too high and I bumped on the wooden edge so often I have a bruise. The room was too small."

She continued by commenting on the decor and local tourist attractions, overall she gave her experience 2 stars out of 5.

Completely outraged, the woman asked "has she mistaken Facebook for Trip Advisor and my home for a hotel?!".

Despite the negative review, the woman has asked if she is welcome to stay again in the future.

Source: The Mirror