Woman shocked to find out her 'Christmas weight' was actually a baby

omg 22/06/2018

Gareth and Rhiannon were just a normal couple planning their wedding... Until they found our Rhiannon was pregnant moments before she gave birth!

Originally making a call to the ambulance for severe stomach pain, Gareth told the operators his girlfriend was "in a lot of pain". 

"It’s like she’s trying to give birth to something but she’s not pregnant. She’s actually got this large lump coming out, it’s just coming out. She’s not pregnant."

But then moments later, she actually gave birth!

"Oh no! No, she’s actually giving birth. What do I do… the baby is crying and moving and everything." he told the operator.

The baby arrived safely and later the new parents spoke to the BBC about the situation.

"Just before Christmas I had what I thought was heartburn but I just... got on with it." the new mum admitted.

"I'd put on weight over Christmas too, but I just put it down to overindulging. I now know that the 4lb I’d put on was actually baby Phillip."

"The last couple of weeks have been a blur. One minute we were planning for a wedding - now we're planning for a nursery."

This will definitely make for a great story at the kid's 21st one day!

Source: NineHoney