Auckland shop creates 'Wearable Ice Cream'

we love 13/07/2018

Auckland's favourite dessert genius Giapo has done it again. The masters of delicious inventions such as the Colossal Squid (a chocolate covered ice cream in the shape of a giant squid), and the Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream, have a new creatively scrumptious treat for us. 

We introduce to you: 'Wearable Ice Cream'.

These tasty treats are tiny ice cream rings for your fingers, made from a waffle cone cut in half to fit snuggly on your fingertip, with a baby scoop of gelato on top. The bottom half of the cone in glued inside with melted chocolate - adding to the deliciousness as well as making sure there is no leakage. 

These are the kind of finger puppets we have needed our whole lives! Thanks Giapo.