Barista shares what your daily coffee order says about your personality

omg 13/07/2018

Lachlan Ward is a long time professional barista from Australia. Recently he spoke to Daily Mail Australia to share what people's coffee orders say about their personality...

Latte: "Latte lovers are generally very approachable and affable people. On the whole, they're flexible, easy-going and wouldn't say a bad word about anyone."

Flat White: "A typical flat white drinkers is a purist and a traditionalist who appreciates routine in their life. But this also means they might be a bit of a control freak."

Cappuccino: "Good starting point for somebody looking to ease their palette into coffee. If you're a cappuccino drinker, it's likely you have an obsessive personality."

Long Black: "If a long black is your go-to, you're probably last to leave the office and have a strong work ethic. In saying that, you're also most likely stubborn, opinionated and will argue a long black is superior to any coffee with milk."

Piccolo: "A piccolo drinker likes all things in small quantities. They're very a kind-hearted person but could also be hiding a fiery competitiveness."

Instant Coffee: "Instant coffee drinkers cop quite a bit of flack for being so, but are actually clever, savvy and know what makes a good coffee flavour."

Do you think Lachlan's descriptions accurately fit with your normal coffee order?