Bear goes viral after breaking into man's spa bath and drinking his margarita

funny stuff 06/07/2018

It was a fine sunny Friday afternoon, and California man Mark Hough decided to enjoy it with an ice-cold margarita in his backyard.

But his peace and quiet was interrupted by an unlikely visitor - a black bear.

"So I got up, looked over in the bushes and lo and behold there's a bear climbing up over my fence," Mr Hough told APTN.

He retreated to safety inside his house, only to watch as the bear proceeded at Mr Hough's expense.

Mr Hough recorded the bear "bobbling away in the Jacuzzi enjoying himself" with the jets on. The intruder played with the chlorinator and threw the thermometer into the air.

"He was playing having a grand old time," Mr Hough said.

After his dip in the spa, the bear got out for a wander and discovered the abandoned margarita.

It "popped out of the bushes, walked right over to the margarita, knocked it over and lapped it," Mr Hough reported.

Afterwards, he clambered up a tree to sleep it off.

"So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he's ready for an hour nap," Mr Hough said.

Once refreshed, the bear ambled off down the street. Mr Hough made himself two margaritas to compensate for the one the bear drank.

"It was an interesting Friday to say the least," he says.

While black bears are capable of killing people, they typically avoid confronting humans when possible.