Bride considers dumping her bridesmaid because of her hair colour

omg 25/07/2018

A bride has sparked debate on Mumsnet after asking if she should dump her bridesmaid due to her hair colour.

The bride revealed her bridesmaid has dyed hair pink just days before the wedding and is adamant she's done it to "stick out in the photos".

"She is incredibly self-centred," she said. "I just feel like she did it on purpose because she isn't my maid on honour and I was hers.

"The bridesmaid dresses are red, and she was brunette before going pink!"

She has since told the bridesmaid she either needs to change her hair back or not come on the wedding day.

People were quick to respond, with some calling her a 'bridezilla'.

"Why did you ask a woman you obviously dislike to be your bridesmaid?" wrote one person.

"I think pink is a lovely hair colour. If you are that pathetic to worry about your bridesmaid hair colour then get rid of her as a bridesmaid else deal with it! Simple!"

But others saw it from the other side too...

"I'm kind of torn, I mean it really wouldn't bother me at all but the timing of dying her hair an odd colour does seem calculated aswell."

Do you think that the bride is out of line? Or is it fair enough for her to be picky on her wedding day?