Company creates realistic soft toy versions of your family pet

omg 23/07/2018

If you've ever wanted a soft toy version of your family pet, this company can finally make your dream come true!

Cuddle Clones are a company from the US (but theyship all around the world), who specialise in creating soft toy versions of your favourite animal!

"At Cuddle Clones, we recognize the unbreakable bond pet mums and dads have with their fur-children. But oftentimes that bond is disrupted..." the company says on their website.

The soft toys are hand made and created to look just like your pet, including all of those small details.

"We capture all of the physical details and personality traits of your pet in adorable stuffed animal form."

In a video on the Cuddle Clone's YouTube channel, one of the creators talks about her personal inspiration for the idea...