Dad's honest and hilarious ad for family van goes viral

funny stuff 01/08/2018

Most of us have tried to sell a car off at one point in our lives, but this Dad from the US has taken a very different approach.

While some people would be afraid to list everything that has ever happened in their car, this guy did the complete opposite! He created an ad for his family van on Craigslist which has since gone viral.

The ad simply began by saying "we're selling our 2005 Ford E350 XL Extended 15 passenger van."

But after a fairly normal beginning, the ad took a frank turn...

"The van is missing a speaker in the side door. My kids have been throwing random items in the speaker hole for years. So, you may end up with some very special treasures. Or really old chicken nuggets. Probably both."

"We're a family of 11. Every one of our children has thrown up in this van at some point in the past decade. We have had the van detailed a couple times since then (shout out to Xtreme Auto Re-Styling Center for tackling a level of depravity unrivalled in the world of passenger transport.) The van is clean now; but, it will probably always be inhabited by the ghost of vomit past."

"One side of the van has a yellow scuff mark on it. That's courtesy of me and a battle with a yellow concrete parking divider (I did not win). The other side of the van has a matching white scuff mark. That one is courtesy of my wife. She completes me."

"When you open the side doors, the rubber door liner is detached in some places. It still does its job, but it looks stupid."

You've got to admire his honesty, even if it hasn't got a sale from it yet!