Dogs really do care about our feelings confirms study

we love 25/07/2018

A study from Johns Hopkins University has confirmed what we all wanted to believe... That dogs really do care about our feelings!

"We found dogs not only sense what their owners are feeling, [but] if a dog knows a way to help them, they’ll go through barriers to help them" said one of the researchers.

"Every dog owner has a story about coming home from a long day, sitting down for a cry and the dog’s right there, licking their face. In a way, this is the science behind that."

"Dogs have been by the side of humans for tens of thousands of years and they’ve learned to read our social cues," she added.

"Dog owners can tell that their dogs sense their feelings. Our findings reinforce that idea, and show that, like Lassie, dogs who know their people are in trouble might spring into action."

Another researcher revealed the idea for a study came when she was burried under a pile of pillows by her kids. Her husband didn't come to her aid, but the family dog jumped straight into action.

Source: The Independent