Groom shares hilarious photo of exact moment a bridesmaid fainted during wedding

funny stuff 31/07/2018

A photo of the exact moment a bridesmaid photo during a wedding ceremony has gone viral online. It just so happened the bridesmaid was actually the groom's sister!

"Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fell over." the groom wrote on Twitter.

As soon as he shared the photo, questions and comments came rolling in...

Photo credit: Twitter | @K_47 More

"I really hope you have this framed! This is the best wedding picture I’ve ever seen!" one person wrote.

"That poor girl. And photographic evidence, is FOREVER." added another.

But others wanted more details about how the viral photo came to be.

The groom explained that his "sister fainted at the exact moment the judge says you may kiss the bride", he added that it wasn't staged and was "a real split second photograph," and that moments later everyone raced to her aid.

So while we're pleased the whole family is laughing about it now, we're sure it would've given them a shock when it happened!