Kiwi dance crew impress Jennifer Lopez with Maori inspired dance on US TV show

NZ 02/08/2018

A New Zealand dance crew known as The Bradas has wowed some of the world's biggest celebrities with a routine featuring a handful of Māori-inspired moves - including a pūkana.

The hip-hop dance, which was performed on US network NBC's show World of Dance, left the judges stunned - and proved enough to get the crew through to the next round.

The judging panel - made up of singers Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez and world-renowned ballroom dancer Derek Hough - all expressed amazement at the all-male crew's acrobatic range of tricks.

"This was a perfect balance of those insane moments where everyone is at the edge of their seat," Lopez said.

"I still can't get over catching the handkerchief in the mid-flip. I'm not over it - it's replaying in my mind and I'm going, 'How did he see it?' It was amazing."

Ne-Yo added that the team had taken the notes they'd received from the previous week, while Hough told the boys their use of props was risky, but ultimately paid off.

The Bradas are now into the next round of the competition, after overcoming tap dance crew The Jam Project.

"It is always difficult when you go up against a team that competes with a COMPLETELY different style of dance, and we knew we would have to bring it!" they wrote on Instagram.

"Footwork, suave moves, surprise elements, risk... All of the above to go against the professional tappers."

The Bradas next perform in 'The Cut' round on World of Dance in the coming days.