Kiwi TV reporter gets pooped on during TV cross

funny stuff 12/07/2018

It was not the most ideal place for a bird to go to the bathroom, but thankfully Newshub reporter Alice Wilkins wasn't live at the time! 

Footage released by Newshub showed how The AM Show reporter was showered with luck when a bird pooped on her just before she was about to go live.

"The area outside of Auckland City Hospital has a large population of birds and it seems one of them chose to go to the bathroom directly above Wilkins," writes Newshub.

Thankfully, there was enough time to remove her blazer before going live - acting as nothing ever happened.

It's a luckier move than what faced Newshub reporter Lloyd Burr who recently got abused live on TV by an angry English football fan, who threw a beer live on TV.