Mattress company seeks to hire someone to sleep on their beds

omg 17/07/2018

Ever wished you could sleep on the job?

Mattress Firm, a company based in Houston, is seeking their first “Snoozetern" - testing beds and be a social media "sleep-fluencer".

Alongside the naps, the person selected for the position will be expected to update social media about the top-rated bed, give previews into new products, and look into providing people with tips on how to find the perfect bed to sleep on.

“It’s not every day that an intern is hired to sleep on the job, but that’s just one of many perks," said Chief Marketing Officer Scott Thaler.

The job requires that you're "proficient in napping" at all hours of the day, have interest in sleeping on "different surfaces, textures and sleep positions", and have a pure passion for sleep.

Unfortunately, the job is only located America, but if you're interested in applying for the job, they're currently taking applications on their website.