Mum sparks debate after finding 'padded bras for kids' up for sale

omg 10/07/2018

A woman has hit out at the Marks and Specner label for selling what she perceived to be 'padded bras for children.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the woman said "I was just browsing the children’s clothes section before coming across the bras… I don’t want to give my daughter the idea that bigger boobs are better."

"I want her to grow up knowing having a flatter chest is fine. The fact it was placed in the middle of the children’s section just sends children the wrong message… I just find the generalised sexualisation of young children’s clothes – like crop tops, bodycon dresses – disturbing."

But not everyone shared her concern, with some pointing out the practicality of this type of bra.

"Hardly 'padded', there is a just a thin extra layer which provides better support to a developing bust. Marks also sell the plain cotton crop top style, but many young girls find the first bra more comfortable to wear." one person wrote.

"There’s no fixed age when girls should start wearing a bra; what matters is that they’re able to access the right style to deliver comfort, support and modesty to a developing body." added another.

Do you see an issue with the padding in this child's bra?

Source: GoodToKnow