Mums go viral with lip-sync of their kids behaviour while playing Fortnite

funny stuff 25/07/2018

A video of two mothers parodying their Fortnite-obsessed sons has gone viral online.

For countless parents around the world, the battle royale video game's addictiveness can be a daily annoyance.

Whitney Cicero, a blogger at The New Stepford, decided to get revenge on her son for playing too much Fortnite, making the video with her friend Angela Hoover.

"Fortnite is going on ALL day and night at my house," Cicero writes in the video's description.

"I recorded my kids and his friends playing and then decided to lip-sync their gaming. The results are... well, see for yourself."

About halfway through the video, Cicero lip-syncs to audio of her son getting mad at her over allegedly using the internet while he was playing.

"Mom, can you get off the internet, maybe? This isn't a joke! Mom, this isn't a joke!" he screams.

The video has quickly racked up over 100,000 views.