NZ Police surprise 5-year-old after he dials 111 to invite them to his birthday

NZ 27/07/2018

Zachary knew that he wanted to have a police-themed birthday party. And he also knew that he wanted the police to be invited.

But the 5-year-old didn't realise calling 111 was the best way to send an invite.

After his mum profusely apologised to the police for her son misusing the emergency phone line, some off-duty police officers thought it would still be a great idea to surprise him anyway.

So on Saturday the 21st of July, one happy Auckland boy opened the door to people he didn't expect to see. With surprise after surprise, the birthday boy definitely got a fantastic treat thanks to the NZ police.

And while the Police were happy to show up for the birthday party - they did warn that it's not favourable to send birthday invites via 111.