Parents share the things that annoy them now that didn't when they were childless

parenting 19/07/2018

Parents have taken to the NetMums website to share the things that annoy them now that they are parents that didn't before they had kids.

One woman vented her frustrations over people who park in the child friendly car parks. "Now it may be a small thing but it really annoys me when people without children use those spaces! Most car parks barely have any anyway and it’s near on impossible to get baby in and out of the car in a normal space."

Another mum shared another parking bugbear. "People parking on the pavement so far across that I can't get the pram through and have to walk in the road!"

"People (normally nosey old women) who comment on your crying baby. I once had 'she must be hungry', she’s just had her injections so she feels rubbish!" someone else added.

Another mum had issue with people showing up unannounced. "My children are very sociable and have to speak to every one who comes round. So if they come round when I'm bathing or putting them to bed they then play up because they won't settle until they've seen this person and they've left.

Some other common thoughts included people judging mums for working, kids talking to their parents inappropriately and people's other halves!

What things would you add to this list?