Pub's cheeky notice for complaining neighbours goes viral

funny stuff 30/07/2018

A Reddit user has shared a hilarious sign her found at his local pub recently.

The pub, clearly fed up with their complaining neighbours next door, wrote a tounge and cheek response to them...

Photo credit: Reddit User LAKERS4EVER2010

While most people had a wee chuckle at the pub's sign, others took the time to share their own stories of noise complaints...

"Someone bought a house next to our high school football field, and complained about the noise." one person wrote.

"One day he came out to yell at the marching band for practicing. He was shouting about how much he paid for his house, and how he deserves some piece and quiet."

"Band teacher retorted 'you paid too much.' and resumed band practice."

Someone else simply wrote "buys a house near the airport because it is cheap, files a noise complaint."

Despite some people making light of the situation, others were less impressed - pointing out how frustrating living in a noisy environment can be.