Scientist completely unphased as cat climbs all over him during interview

funny stuff 10/07/2018

In a recent interview on a Dutch TV show, a scientist has shown his ability to focus during truly odd scenarios.

The interview was going just like any other... That was until a cat started to climb all over the scientist's back, shoulders and head! Determined to get the job done, he carried on like nothing had happened.

The video has proved a huge success online, with over 450,000 views on Twitter.

"Any man so at ease with his cat, & his cat so affectionate toward him, has got to be an individual of the highest integrity, intelligence, & taste." one viewer wrote.

"I'm in tears of laughter and joy - love how he holds the cat's tail to one side like it's a curtain blocking his view!" added another.

Despite the positive feedback, we can't help but think maybe the cat will be put in a different room during interviews from now on...