Study claims you can actually tell a lot about someone by their name

omg 05/07/2018

Calling Betty, Bruce, Britney and Brad - a study has found that you could be judged as soon as someone hears your name.

A study from Syracuse University has revealed that your name has an impact on how you're perceived in terms of competence, age and personality.

Leonard Newman and his colleagues asked 500 college students to rate popular names from the last seven decades about how competent, old or warm they were, New Scientist reports.

The results showed a striking difference in the way certain names were perceived and a clear effect across gender.

Female names such as Mia, Melody and Hannah were often perceived to be warmer, but less competent than male ones such as Reginald, Lawrence and Howard.

Trendy names proved to be a problem as it opened names up to be more associated with age. Betty and Bruce were perceived to be older than Britney and Brad.

"If you give your child a fashionable name for the time, it might date them," Dr Newman said. "The only way around it is to choose a name that never seems to go out of style, like David or Michael."

For those who are currently choosing a name for their child, Newshub has put all the names below in their categories for warmth and competence.

Warm and competent names:

Ann, Anna, Caroline, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Evelyn, Felicia, Grace, James, Jennifer, John, Jonathan, Julie, Kathleen, Madeline, Mark, Mary, Matthew, Michael, Michelle, Natalie, Nicholas, Noah, Olivia, Paul, Rachel, Samantha, Sarah, Sophia, Stephen, Susan, Thomas, William

Warm but less competent names:

Hailey, Hannah, Jesse, Kellie, Melody, Mia

Competent but less warm names:

Arnold, Gerard, Herbert, Howard, Lawrence, Norman, Reginald, Stuart

Names of low warmth and competence:

Alvin, Brent, Bryce, Cheyenne, Colby, Crystal, Dana, Darrell, Devon, Dominic, Dominique, Duane, Erin, Larry, Leslie, Lonnie, Malachi, Marcia, Marco, Mercedes, Omar, Regina, Rex, Roy, Tracy, Trenton, Vicki, Whitney