Study shows the number of times your family will fight this year

omg 30/07/2018

A recent study has shown that on average, parents will fight with their kids 2184 times each year. The study examined 2000 families with kids aged betwen 2 and 12.

The results of the study also showed that on average, a family will spend 49 minutes a day having some kind of argument.

“Many parents believe that reaching a compromise with their children is the best way to keep everyone happy." the researchers said.

But what exactly are families arguing over? Check out the top 10 reasons for a family argument below...

  1. Children not eating everything on their plate
  2. Untidy bedrooms
  3. Children saying they are hungry but not wanting to eat anything healthy
  4. Children complaining they are full after barely touching their food
  5. Siblings fighting with each other
  6. Children eating sweets or chocolate before a meal
  7. Children trying to delay bedtime, or not going to sleep
  8. Homework
  9. Children wanting to go on gadgets more often than they are allowed
  10. Children not brushing their teeth at all/ for long enough

Source: The Mirror