The more time you spend with your mum the longer she'll live says study

we love 02/07/2018

A recent study has shown that the more time we spend with our mums, the longer they will go on to live!

The study from Jama Network looks particularly at those mums who are aging. The results showed a decrease in significant health issues for mums whose children spent more time with them.

A key factor in the study was depression, since it's increasingly a big issue for the elderly. The study suggests that spending a little bit of extra time with your mum helps to ease potential loneliness which helps to increase their life span.

They also pointed out that since elderly people tend to spend more time focusing on current relationships rather than starting new one, it's important that we stay connected with them.

"They invest more in their remaining connections. They optimize friendships, rather than try to maximize them." they wrote.

So if you're feeling guilty about not talking to mum in while, touching base regularly might help in the long run!

Source: NYTimes