Warning to make up users after Aussie woman goes blind from 20-year-old mascara

omg 27/07/2018

A grandmother from Adelaide, Australia is warning make-up users to clear out their old cases, claiming that an old mascara has left her blind.

Shirley Potter says she received an eye infection from using a mascara that was twenty years old. By the time she realised she had an infection though, she was declared legally blind and is expected to lose all of her sight within the next three years.

Flinders University in Adelaide's ophthalmologist Professor Justine Smith says that such cases are rare, but are an important warning to make-up users to check the expiry dates of their products. 

“Bottles of make-up, like bottles of eye drops, have preservatives in them and preservatives there in part to stop bugs like bacteria growing in the bottle once the bottle is open,” she said.

“Over time that preservative starts to break down and within a few weeks it won't be so active and then bugs can grow,” she said.

Experts say eye make-up can become dangerous just six months after it's been opened, even if it still appears fine. So make sure you're checking your make-up ladies!