Woman makes her friend the ultimate K Mart care pack after her breakup

we love 30/07/2018

A woman has shared the ultimate K Mart care package she made for her friend after she broke up with her husband.

"My friend was completely in love with her partner." the woman told Mama Mia.

"They had been together for about eighteen months, and we all thought he was her ‘penguin’, because she’d met him after a bad marriage and he made her happy."

"But on Saturday morning, he got up early for work and said to her before he left, ‘I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving you and the kids’."

Knowing what a tricky time this would've been for her friend, she decided to do something about it!

"I thought, she’s got to look after herself. She won’t be able to look after the kids if she’s a wreck. And so I wanted her to know that I’d be there for her no matter what."

She then went down to K Mart and created the ultimate care package for her...

"To my beautiful friend,

"Face masks - to hide from the world when you need to.

"Candle - to light up the darkness.

"Bandaids - to remind you the hurt will heal.

"Rubber bands - to help you bounce back.

"Gum - to remind you that we will always stick by you.

"Mascara - because he made your eyes run.

"Glitter - to add some sparkle back into your life.

"Paper clips - to hold everything together.

"Book - to transport you to another world.

"Shampoo - to wash that man right out of your hair."

When asked why she chose to share her story online, the woman said she simply wanted to share an uplifting story and encourage other women to spend more time on their relationships with friends.

We think this was such a sweet idea and was probably easy on the wallet too!

Source: Hit