Woman seeks advice after finding out mother in law's plans to move in next door

omg 16/07/2018

A mother has taken to Mumsnet seeking advice after finding out her mother in law plans to move in next door to them!

The mother in law currently lives alone and the couple's neighbours house is up for sale, so she thought she might put an offer in.

"I have repeatedly said no in no uncertain terms to her." the woman said about her plans.

"I have avoided a full on face to face confrontation about it but I have sent a couple of strong worded texts about how it is not an option. At this stage my husband always says he is open to the idea but he will 'talk to me' about it."

"He is happy to have the easy ride of a non complaining neighbour like his mother. I on the other hand feel like moving out."

People had mixed responses to her drama...

"OMG, don’t think you can stop her buying it, but I know I’d start looking for a new house approx an hour away!" one person wrote.

"As long as he knows that you would move out and he would have to put your house on the market or buy you out. What a nightmare. Not for me." added another.

"Put your foot down. Hard. Tell your husband that you have a good relationship with her, and you'd like to keep it that way."

But others had a slightly less hardline approach.

"What would you do if it was the other way round and it was your mum" one person asked.

Could you deal with your in laws being your next door neighbour?