Woman takes a trip to the bathroom only to discover she's given birth to twins

omg 16/07/2018

A midnight trip to the toilets became an emergency delivery room when a 21-year-old woman discovered she had been pregnant with twins.

Beth Bamford, who already has two other children under the age of three, didn't see any signs she was pregnant in the lead up to the birth of her twins. She claimed that she was still having her periods, wasn't eating more than usual, and assumed her weight gain was simply "fat".

Beth told Daily Mail: "It's a big shock but a nice surprise. I didn't know I was pregnant at all."

"I was in bed with my partner and I was getting pains. I didn't say anything to him but I went downstairs to get a glass of water and they got worse and I thought I needed the toilet.

"I was still sitting on the toilet when I gave birth. I didn't really have time to feel anything as it was happening. 

"It was a rush. One moment I was getting pain and the next moment I have got two new babies."

"I hadn't phoned an ambulance but I called the emergency services and they talked me through it as I gave birth to the first one.

"They told me I needed to get the placenta out. I pushed again but another baby came out, not the placenta. It was a shock."

She screamed at her partner from the bathroom, who eventually woke up and was in shock at the sight.

"He went to his mum's bedroom and said: 'Beth's got two babies in the bathroom'. She thought he had lost the plot because she knew we had two children already."

Doctors believe that Beth was 37 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her twins, Willow and Freya. And while she found it "scary going from two to four", she says the support of her family and community helped.

"It's a bit of a struggle but I just have to get on with it."