Women would rather go on holiday over getting intimate with their partner

Romance 18/07/2018

A new Mail on Sunday survey of 2000 UK women reveals most would rather have a shopping spree or a getaway than get intimate with their partner. 

Asked if they would rather give up shopping or intimacy, 59 perent of those surveyed chose intimacy, with only 41 per cent saying they could do without their retail therapy.

And when it came to a choice of intimacy or holidays, a huge 75 percent put intimacy second behind their sunshine break.

While perhaps surprising - or not - it might be the healthier option. Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis told The Daily Telegraph that winter is when Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is most severe. 

"Grey skies, short days and a lack of sunshine can lead to bouts of 'winter depression' by increasing the production of melatonin by the brain's pineal gland," he said. 

"The hormone can generate feelings of despair, guilt, a loss of pleasure in everyday activities, irritability and a lack of energy." 

So maybe a sunshine holiday might be the best thing for us!

A huge 95 percent of the women also noted they would opt for true love over great intimacy.